Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Schoolyear?
Schoolyear is a software application to securely take a test on your own laptop at the campus of your institution. Click here for instruction on how to use Schoolyear on your own laptop.

How does it work?
Schoolyear temporarily locks your screen to prevent student access to other documents and applications during the exam. Click here for some additional details on how the applications work. 

Does Schoolyear record my screen, webcam or microphone?
No, Schoolyear is not an online proctoring software that captures screen or webcam recordings. Schoolyear only locks the exam full-screen and temporarily prevents you to use other documents and applications. Click here for more information on how Schoolyear handles your privacy.

How can I prepare for an exam using Schoolyear?
Click here for a short checklist to prepare your exam with Schoolyear in advance. 

Does my laptop meet the minimum laptop requirements? 
Click here to check the minimum laptop requirements to use Schoolyear on your own laptop.