What does Schoolyear do to my computer?

The Schoolyear application prevents access to other programs, documents and websites during an exam. When starting the application, Schoolyear it is loaded in fullscreen and all running programs and documents are shut down. Only the test application is visible on your screen. Schoolyear has its own browser, which means no one has access to your personal browsing behaviour, browser history or documents.

During the exam, Schoolyear monitors whether the application is running fullscreen and if you are trying to use other webpages. Schoolyear detects any suspucious behaviour such as short keys (ctrl/altd/del) or exiting the browser. In case of suspicious behaviour or incidents, the proctor will be notified. 

Schoolyear does not control your laptop remotely, not even during the exam. As a student, you control your own laptop at all times and you can decide to shutdown Schoolyear at any time, even during an exam. Beware that closing Schoolyear during the exam can have consequences.