Preparations using Schoolyear

Before you take a test using Schoolyear, please make sure you are following the right preparation.

  • Remember your password: Once you enter the secure environment, there is no possibility to look up your username or password to login in the test application. Make sure you have this information ready. 
  • Charged battery: Make sure that your battery is sufficiently charged or that you have access to a charger during the exam.
  • Internet connection: Make sure your laptop automatically connects to, and remembers the credentials of the Wifi network of your school.
  • Free up enough storage space: In order to download and install Schoolyear, 300 Mb (0,3Gb) of free storage is necessary on your laptop. 
  • Restart your laptop: Make sure that your laptop is up-to-date. Your computer benefits from periodic restarts since many updates aren't completed until you restart the computer.