Laptop Requirements

Schoolyear supports both Windows 10 and macOS 10.13+ devices. Please check if your laptop is compatible with the minimum requirements described below to use Schoolyear for your exam. 

Attention: If your laptop does not meet the minimum requirements described below, please contact your exam coordinator. 

Operating system:
Schoolyear is compatible with Windows 10 or MacOS 10.13+. Schoolyear is not compatible with Chromebooks (Chrome OS) or the operating system Linux.

In order to use Schoolyear you need at least 300Mb of free storage.

In order to run the application, 4BG of RAM is required.

Supported browsers:
Schoolyear works with all well known browsers such as Chrome, Edge and Firefox. The browser Safari is not supported at this time.

See the table below for a summary of the laptop requirements.

Laptop requirements



Operating system

Windows 10 

MacOS 10.13+ 

Minimal free storage

300 MB 

300 MB 

Minimal RAM



Supported browsers

Chrome, Edge, Firefox 

Chrome, Edge, Firefox