Instructions for Windows Laptops

Attention: Before downloading and starting Schoolyear, don’t forget to save your work! During the exam, Schoolyear will automatically close all running applications.

Step 1> Please open the browser and navigate to Enter the exam code and click ‘Access exam’.

Step 2> Please enter your details.

Step 3> Please click ‘Download Schoolyear’.

Step 4> When the download is completed, install Schoolyear by clicking the file in the browser. When installation is complete return back to the browser.

Step 5> When installation is complete the following screen appears. Click the button 'I understand' to start the Schoolyear app. Attention: you will be logged out of Windows and once you log in again, the secure test environment will be started in full-screen.

Step 6> When you open the secure testing environment, you will be directed to the check page. The checks per item are done automatically. after you will automatically proceed to the test.

Is there something wrong with one of the sections which prevents you from proceeding? Ask a Surveillance or Troubleshooter for help.

Step 7> Go through the questions.

Step 8> Raise your hand when you are finished. Please make sure you submit the exam on the final page in the exam application first before closing Schoolyear. When submitted you can close Schoolyear by clicking the red ‘Exit’ button in the taskbar.